Thursday, August 22, 2013

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds Monday 10/21 @ Mercury Lounge, NYC!

We're giving away a pair of tickets to the KID CONGO AND THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS show Monday, October 21st at Mercury Lounge in New York City.

To enter, answer the following three questions in the comments section (here! not on Facebook!):

1) After Kid Congo, who has the best mustache in rock n roll?
2) After Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, who's the best band with an animal name?
3) If you win the tickets, who will you bring and why?

Include your full name and email address. 

Best answer wins! Contest open until Sunday September 15th.


  1. 1) - Freddy fucking Mercury!
    2) - Cobra Skulls
    3) - My wife, because she's hot.

    Ian Jane

  2. 1) Husker Du bass play Greg Norman!
    2) Cheetah Chrome
    3) My Honey George and you know how hard it is to get him to go out!

    Elena H.

    1. Greg's last name is Norton.

  3. 1)Frank Zappa past ZZ Top (whole band) current
    2) Pussy Cat dolls
    3) Lisa, I love her!
    Adam Noll

  4. 1) Lemmy, dammit!
    2) The Laughing Hyenas
    3) My s/o Bill, because he thinks Kid is one suave motherfucker. And so do I, come to think of it!

    Joslyn Weiss

  5. 1. Though not a musician, John Waters has one of the best mustaches ever, and has without a doubt left his mark with and on rock'n'roll.
    2. Tab Falco's Panther Burns
    3. I'm taking my wife Sierra Babirusa (another animal name) because who else?

    1. Heron Furtwangler

  6. 1: Salvador Dali
    2: The Animals (of course)
    3: My Boyfriend because he's my boyfriend. and because Kid Congo is one of the only bands of mine he likes

  7. 1. Patti Smith
    2. DJ Dog Dick
    3. Somebody completely unfamiliar with Kid Congo Powers so they can hear what good music is.

    Colin Zerbe

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  9. 1) Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello - both his and Kid Congo have EPIC 'staches!!

    2) Swans

    3) I'd bring my rock & roll partner-in-crime, RDF. a San Diego exile, my neighbor and a TOTAL music whore (like me!)! FUN BABY!

    Jacquie Tellalian

  10. 1, Billy Childish, when he has one.

    2. The Detroit Cobras

    3. My friend Stinky, because she'd probably be putting me up in NYC if I won.

  11. Rory McGee

  12. Congrats to winner Gregory Lawler! Thanks everyone for entering! We'll have more ticket giveaways soon!