Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The End Men: Graciously, with a "Thank you."

Where are you?

On the verge of being the answer to a question that starts with, "Hey do you remember that night we got all wasted and saw that crazy band..."

However, I think that question will be probably be asked in Brooklyn, where we physically reside.

Favorite movie ending?

The ending of Brian de Palma's Phantom of the Paradise, where the music and art they have all greedily and shallowly sold their souls for and that subsequently turned them all into monsters is killing them, and the crowd is none the wiser, cheering on their deaths as all being part of the show. Followed of course by a rousing musical number by Paul Williams.

Favorite way to end a song?

When you are in The End Men all the songs have to end with a big crash or hit of some kind. It is really the only way we know if they are over. I mean, we have a song that ends three times before it ends. By the time it does actually end, the audience sometimes isn't sure if they should clap or wait for more song.

How will the world end?

I personally think that a world that has been around for 4.5 billion years is not going to end until it is fully engulfed by our sun. Now, human life on that world - well that's a whole other story.

Lamest thing someone told your drummer because she's a girl?

We have gotten a ton of "You're really good for a girl!" and "I didn't expect you to be that good!" type of comments. Basically, if your complement has the word 'girl' in it as a caveat, you probably should rethink what you are about to say. Especially since she can mostly likely drum circles around your ass.

Other than yours, what's the dirtiest song?

Hard to say - songs can be dirty in a variety of ways. Probably something by Muddy Waters (ba dum bum).

Would you prefer to tour with Tom Waits or record with Jack White?

Easily prefer to tour with Tom Waits. I mean, if there was an artist that we would love to record with it would be Jack White, but the question comes down to being in a studio or being on the road, and for sure touring wins. Plus Waits plays all these crazy theaters and concert halls. That ten shades cooler than the same studio room for days.

How tired are you of bring compared to The White Stripes?

We'll never get tired of it. Comparisons are always, you know, what they are. It is just people not really paying attention to what they are hearing, just dumbing it down to the most recognizable common denominator. But hey, if you are going to get compared to something, might as well be a musical legend like Tom Waits or The White Stripes. Beats being compared to a pile of shit.

Favorite way to end an interview?

Graciously, with a "Thank you."

What's the best advice you ever got?

Liv: Always play with people better than you.

I'm not sure. Most of the time people just say, "Well, I'm sure you know what you're doing." I always just took that as advice that whatever cockeyed idea I had was sound enough to convince them anyway.

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