Tuesday, September 3, 2013

VIDEO: The End Men, "Work"

From the band:

The End Men are proud to release their music video for the brand new single Work, at the end of this Labor Day Weekend. Faithful to their DIY roots, the video was made with basically zero money, and no Kickstarter funding. This is the joint effort of a circle of friends and artists who contributed to make this happen. 

Work, as a video, is the visual complement to The End Men’s new single Work, released today for the first time to the public featuring the title track, as well as an unreleased side-B: Ratking. The recordings have been made possible by the contribution of Oliver Hofer, as a co-writer of Ratking, and Nicole Pettigrew as a sound engineer and co-producer at Plush Studios NYC. You can stream it and purchase it online here: 

The B-side Ratking is available exclusively upon purchase of the single online.

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