Friday, September 6, 2013

VIDEO: Terrible Feelings, "I Don't Even Know You"

From Vice:

Welcome to Sweden! Where the grass is green, the social system is advanced, and the punks are so gorgeous it makes you sick. When I think of Sweden, I think of Terrible Feelings, a punk band led by vocalist Manuela Iwansson with Anton Collinder (guitar) and Andy Dahlström (drums). Terrible Feeling’s 2012 LP Shadows was released on German label Sabatoge Records in Europe and Deranged Records in North America. Sonically, Shadows was poppy, driven and infectious.
After extensive tours last year with Refused and my own band (yes, that’s how I found these fools), Terrible Feelings have released a new seven-inch, Backwoods, which dropped this month. Watch the Nisse Axman-directed/edited video for the debut single, “I Don’t Even Know You," below. It’s classic, black and white basics at its best as we follow Manuela through some sunny alley that turns her into some kind of Pat Benetar-inspired runway model. Ironically, Terrible Feelings always leave me feeling really good, so... maybe the Sweeds are beautiful liars?

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