Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How The #%$&*@ did you get so good, Joan Chew?

We'll be starting a new feature here on One Chord Progression, interviewing people who are super awesome at what they do. Our first installment is with musician Joan Chew, a native of Singapore who moved to New York a few years ago and quickly made the music scene here about 5600% better overnight with her ridiculous talents. She currently plays in Party Lights, Bright & Loud, Hawk and Dove and Instrument Thieves, just to name a few. Most nights you can find her playing bass, violin, keyboards or all three with a band somewhere in the New York area.

How many days old were you when you started playing?
Ooh... about 752 days, 17 hours, 24 minutes and 11.11 seconds, thereabouts.

What was your first instrument?
The piano.

How many instruments can you play now?
"I'm an artist, give me a fucking tuba and I'll get you something out of it." -John Lennon

What’s the hardest song you can play?
I can play Eruption on two keyboards at once.

Which musician would you like to be reincarnated as?

Which band would you sell your soul to join?
Collective Soul seems like it'd be the right answer, although it's not true.

Which band would you never join, even for a billion dollars?
Probably Collective Soul.

What’s most important, when picking people to play with: good musicianship, good attitude or good hygiene?
I shower before every rehearsal with strong enough soap to combat everyone/anyone else's B.O., so hygiene isn't an issue (just don't touch me). Good attitude is nice, but nowhere that of good altitude. And good musicianship comes second always to songwriting.

Band-wise, what’s a deal breaker?
Bad hygiene, bad attitude, and bad musicianship.

What’s the saddest key?
The key to my heart...
Catch Joan playing with four bands in one night, Saturday January 18th at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn!

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  1. Excellent interview!! Tongue in cheek, and true to the bone.