Sunday, April 6, 2014

Columbus Ohio's "The Girls!" release their debut album April 18th

The Girls!, out of Columbus, Ohio, will be releasing their debut LP, Let's Not Be Friends, April 18th. It will be available on iTunes and Google Music, and a limited pressing of red vinyl will be available at record stores that don't suck.

Says The Girls!:
The Girls! are a midwest power pop band influenced by Paul Collins, Blondie, The Exploding Hearts, and 60s girl groups. We write melodic songs about ex-boyfriends and drinking. We like hanging out at Ryan's house where we drink cheap beer, prevent Ryan's cats from escaping, sit on the couch, drink whiskey, play 80s metal riffs, take smoke breaks, and also sometimes actually practice.

They'll be playing at Columbus's Ace of Cups on April 18th to celebrate the launch.

Check them out here, playing a live track in the studio:

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