Monday, April 7, 2014

Michael Lynch releases new 7"

Michael Lynch, one of the best musicians and coolest people we've ever had the pleasure to meet, released his new 7" today featuring two awesome 60s inspired tunes, "She's On Her Way" b/w "This Girl". Michael plays in a couple great New York bands, including Palmyra Delran's band and The Split Signals, and his solo songs are some of our absolute favorites.

Here's a description by label founder Paul Messis, from :

"The A-side 'She's On Her Way' is an early Beatles styled melodic pop tune, superbly catchy and real short clocking in at just over 1 minute 50 seconds. Lynch soars through chord progressions whilst the song ebbs and flows with rich sounding drum fills and neat vocal harmonies sung over even neater vocal melodies... this is one which could've come straight outta the Brill Building in 1965. The song also hints towards Sunshine Pop groups such as The Yellow Balloon and The Ohio Express. Fans of that kinda 60s pop can't fail with this.

The B-side This Girl' is a fantastic song, written in a moody jangle pop style. The song is the perfect three minute pop song, a universal theme which we can all relate with sung with great emotion from Michael. 'This Girl,' like the top-side, is complimented by great musicianship and harmonies, a fantastic song making this a great pop two-sider."

Buy the limited edition vinyl HERE for a measly $5! And check out Michael's other awesome releases HERE.

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