Monday, March 16, 2015

Last Sons of Krypton "Teenage Trash" LP and test pressing giveaway

"Certified PR Records is doing us all an immense public service by releasing upon the world this twenty track raging slab of explosive garage punk hits. I had forgotten how great this band was, and I was lucky enough to see them up close and personal living in Wisconsin. The first time I booked them at the Concert Cafe in Green Bay, Wisconsin I immediately was convinced this band was on to something. Their music was a youthful (unpretentious), garage-y punk rock attack, like Angry Samoans and Black Flag mixed with early Devo. Last Sons of Krypton, a band of young teenagers growing up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a town that had a rich punk rock history that they tapped into, went about things their own way. Not really quite an attitude, but they didn't mind ruffling a few punk rock feathers (mine included) along the way. Listening to this record instantly flashes me back to an era of rock and roll that no longer exists, when we had rock animals roaming the world such as SuperCharger, Teengenerate, and of course last but not least, The Rip Offs. That's pretty rarified garage punk rock air to be associated with, but I honestly believe Last Sons of Krypton is definitely within spitting distance of hanging with that crew. The first six tracks are from their first demo cassette, highlights of those are “Meteorite,” and “I Want Action.” Track seven, “I Want” is from the out of print, various artist compilation Sawmill. Tracks 8 through 10 are previously unreleased. Track eleven is an alternate version from a previously released seven inch. Tracks twelve through seventeen are unreleased demos. Tracks eighteen through twenty are from The Smuts first demo tape, a band the Last Sons of Krypton had morphed to in '99. This record is an excellent way to discover a lost gem of Wisconsin's punk rock music history, and that's the bottom line because Time Bomb Tom said so." 
- Tom Smith (Anti-Lunatic Squad Productions)

Check out the official promo video for "Crying, Crying" produced by band member/head cheese Mr. Brad X:

Track Listing:
A01. I Want Action
A02. Meteor(ite)
A03. Crying, Crying
A04. Kristina Kay Is Gonna Get Raped
A05. I Want Ass
A06. Dad Rapes Me (Yeah, Yeah)
A07. I Want
A08. 437-5671
A09. Ready, Aim, Fire
A10. Air Raid
B01. Teenage Trash
B02. (I Was Born In A) Test Tube
B03. Neutron Bomb
B04. You Make Me Ill
B05. It Hurts
B06. Gimme Smut
B07. Watching Television
B08. She's So Bitchin'
B09. 19 And Nowhere
B10. Suicide

The first pressing edition will be 550 copies on virgin black vinyl. It includes a swanky double sided insert and pro, full color jackets! No download code!

Pre Orders (expected to ship on April 1, or sooner) will be entered into a drawing to win a test pressing, limited to 15 copies.
To order, CLICK HERE!

Rainy Roads Records (Omaha, NE) will be doing the official cassette version of this release. There will only be 100 hand numbered cassette copies, so grab one of these too! There's even a cassette ONLY, exclusive track!

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