Thursday, August 13, 2015

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Release "Under the Savage Sky" August 21st

Boston's Barrence Whitfield & The Savages is coming out with a new album, Under The Savage Sky, August 21st on Bloodshot Records. If the album as half as awesome as the cover (spoiler alert - we got a sneak preview and it is) this is worth your milk money.

Pre-order it here, like, right now.

For the uninitiated:

There’s no harder hitter than frontman Barrence Whitfield of Boston, MA. When he hits the boards with the Savages, you’re either gonna ride the energy or be crushed by it. We’re talking Joe Louis, Howlin’ Wolf, Wilson Pickett, Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Barrence has what these greats all possessed, the one thing a trainer cannot teach a fighter: a lust for mayhem. The wilder, louder, more insane the Savages bring it, the more BW is ready to attack the mic, to bring it high, to bring it low, to wear you down on the ropes, and eventually drop you.

Backing Whitfield are the best cornermen in the business, led by garage/punk guitarist Peter Greenberg, the visionary who started the Savages after a legendary stint with the Lyres, and his sidekick Phil “Mr. Tenacious” Lenker on bass. Greenberg works his guitar with the ruthless intricacy of a chain saw ice sculptor. Lenker meshes with drummer Andy Jody for an unrelenting sequence of haymaker beats. Tom Quartulli’s saxophone rips like a foghorn through the mist.

Get a sneak peak of new tracks "The Claw" here and "I'm A Full Grown Man" here.

Tons of tour dates posted here, starting 8/19 in London, Ontario, covering a nice chunk of the US, and ending in London (the UK one) on 10/11.

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