Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Release From Voodoo Rhythm Records: The Jackets' "Shadows of Sound"

Who can resist something called "super killer fuzz psych garage punk from Switzerland"? Not us, that's for sure.

Shadows of Sound is the third full length album from The Jackets, a truly mind blowing, hip shaking, freaky fuzz-garage power trio from Bern, Switzerland, formed in 2007 by Jackie Brutsche, Chris Rosales and Samuel Schmidiger (former members of The Get Lost, Mad Cowgirl Disease, Revered & Lightning Beat-Man to name a few). Their first two albums were released on the fantastic Soundflat Records (Germany) and Subversiv Records (Switzerland). Singer and guitar player Jackie Brutsche's (aka Jack Torera) stage performances are extraordinary and probably the wildest since Switzerland's Kleenex in 1978. The Jackets have a rhythm section everyone dreams of. This is traditional drum and bass at its tightest and best. What Chris Rosales and Samuel Schmidiger create together is the rhythm that makes the girls lift their skirts and the boys drop their trousers! The purist beat for every garage punker. To create this new album, the band went to the well-known, all analog recording studio Circo Perrotti in Gijon, Spain, working with engineer and producer Jorge Explosion. The result is a straight, to-the-point garage rock n roll record.


1) Don't Turn Yourself In (FREE MP3)
2) At The Go-Go
3) Sometimes Maybe
4) Keep Yourself Alive
5) Living The Past
6) Watch You Cry
7) Wheels of Time
8) You Better
9) Hands Off Me
10) Astronaut
11) Shadows of Sound

Get the album here from Voodoo Rhythm Records.

Check out a great video for "Freak Out" from 2012's Way Out. Warning: you will have to buy the new album after watching this because it is that good.

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